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The #refo500 event series was created to talk about Protestant reformation and its importance, even nowadays, on young people's language with the help of small events, flashmobs, manifests.

The Csillagpont Youth Festival is organized every two years and is attended by thousands of young people coming from different places of the world.


Várom az Urat Christmas Christian Music Festival is organized annually in the Christmas period. The purpose of the event is to give the opportunity to prepare our body and soul for the Christmas holidays.


"Égjen a láng" New Year's Christian Music Festival was first organized in 2010 in Târgu-Mureş. Since then, the event has become a musical movement, new bands of Christian music have emerged, communities have been formed, all due to the power of cohesion of music.

Change Direction! YMCA Festival is the summer program that assists more than 1,000 young people who have the opportunity to participate in various activities such as biblical studies, workshops, debates, concerts.

The goal of the Generális Konvent Ifjúsági Bizottság (GeKIB) is to gather priests and volunteers working with hungarian youth from the Carpathian Basin. The event offers the opportunity to discuss, exchange ideas and build cooperative relationships.

Easter Course is an event organized for the leaders of youth organizations that are part of the European Fellowship community. The week-long event gathers coordinators and brings them together by learning, developing themselves and having fun together.

The workshop designed for volunteer training consists of four four-day seminars that are built around three fundamental themes: self-knowledge, relationships and communication, group roles and youth work.

Annually, the Geoagiu YMCA Hostel turns into a great linguistic school. Divided into two groups by age - children and teens - English camps are an extraordinary means of learning through non-formal tools and by playing or exercising the real English conversation.

The national bible contest is organized for those groups of two young people who have qualified for the contest organized at the diocese level. Competitors have various quizzes where questions are asked from the Bible study.