Report 2018

ápr 23, 2018 | YMCA beszámolók

Most important development:

16th of March – We presented our brand-new book which is a tool for youth workers in our country and it helps to lead board games in and for groups.

We continued our Contrast exhibition with 7 new places in Transylvania. The Contrast is a multimedia exhibition which looks at problems and crisis situations young people face within in families and their communities. The message of the exhibition is to raise the profile of most common problems young people face by showing the solutions for these. The exhibition shows extremes negative life experiences and of family problems, yet calls young people to make choices as it reveals the truth about those crisis situations and social issues. It presents the young people with positive examples and choices using Biblical view of issues affecting their daily lives.

25-28th of May we had our Leadership Training for 25 participants. The most important thing was to focus on their work with local groups. The Leadership training course contained both elements of theoretical and practical study in a way that includes every field of the YMCA work compose the training.

16-17th of June we had the first preparatory meeting for our 4th Change Direction Youth Festival which will be in 2018.

During the summer, we had two English Camps and on guitar camp (which was our 10th camp) at our youth hostel in Algyógy. With a total of 125 participants in the camps. We also participated with programs for youngsters at 5 different festivals.

We had 3 international programs during the summer, two youth exchanges in Salm, France plus we hosted the Youth Unify in Cluj.

On the 15-17th of September we had our Annual General Meeting.

From October, we start to work with our two student ministries in Targu Mures and Cluj. Weekly we reach around 500 students with our programs. On the 11th of November, we had our Bible knowledge competition in Cluj. On the 25th of November, we organised the IKE Gala for our volunteers. We have celebrated their work and during that night the volunteers were served by the staff members.

In December, we had in four cities (Cluj – Napoca, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Targu Mures and Targu Secuiesc) our Waiting for the Lord Advent Worship Music Festival. During the three weekend, we reached 2000 participants. Besides the concerts there was a cafe, a Christmas market and other alternative programs. Each month during the year we had project in different places in our country in remembering and celebrating 500 years of the Reformation.

Plans and prospects:

In the Spring of 2018 we are going to visit our 15 counties where we are electing new chairmanships for the next 3 years.

We started a new year of leadership training with 22 participants.

We are also in full work for our 4th Change Direction – IKE Festival which will be from the 14th to the 18th of August 2018.

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