Report 2015

márc 30, 2015 | YMCA beszámolók

Most important development:

Our most important development is our structural innovation. Since last year we started a new structure, based on local communities and YMCAs, but we implemented a level between the Executive Board and local groups, that’s the county level. We have 15 counties in 4 regions. This counties will help the locals to reach them easier than we did before, from the national level. For the national level is a big thing, as from now on, we can help the counties with better understanding and more focus. Each county has a chairmanship. We are looking forward for a budding youth work in Transylvania, and for a comprehensive program calendar for the next year.

Plans and prospects:

Our plans are to strengthen in the future this counties using a lot of methods. But first of all, we would like to give a lot of help for the new chairmanships. We are going to organize in each region leadership trainings and a lot of materials they can use. Than we are going to organize only a few national event and try to focus on the local groups and of course on the counties. We are looking forward for 2016, when we are going to celebrate 95 years of YMCA Transylvania. We are looking forward to strengthen the international partnership also, and to be part or even host international projects.

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