Report 2019

ápr 17, 2019 | YMCA beszámolók

Most important development:

5–8th of April We had our Leadership Training’s second course for 22 participants. The Leadership Training included two more weekends on 24–27th of May and 14–16th of September. The most important thing was to focus on their work with local groups. The Leadership Training course contained both elements of theoretical and practical study in a way that includes every field of the YMCA work.

15th of May We had a worship night named Hangoló for over 150 participants in Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár). The event focused on worshiping God through music. We invited two local christian bands for worship.

During the summer, we had two English Camps (8–14th of July and 5–11th of August) and one Guitar Camp (which was our 11th Camp on 30th of July – 5th of August) at our youth hostel in Geoagiu (Algyógy), with a total of 130 participants in the camps.

In the summer, we participated with programs for youngsters at 3 different festivals. We also had international programs and youth exchanges.

14–18th of August We had our 4th Change Direction! IKE Festival in Aiud (Nagyenyed) with over 2000 participants. Besides 7 program tents we had numerous other programs, including sports events, programs in the Chill zone, concerts and worships. The Festival included programs for every age: we had programs dedicated for teenagers, children, university students and also for grown-ups and pastors.

21–23th of September We had our Annual General Meeting, where elected the new chairmanship for the next 3 years.

From October, we start to work with our two student ministries in Târgu Mureș and Cluj-Napoca. Weekly we reach around 500 students with our programs.

30th of October Second edition of our worship night, Hangoló, with over 250 participants in Cluj-Napoca.

10th of November We had our Bible Knowledge Competition in Cluj-Napoca.

19–21th of November Meeting with the leader pastors from the 15 counties.

4th of December Third edition of our worship night, Hangoló, with over 150 participants in Cluj-Napoca.

In December we had in four cities (Cluj-Napoca, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Târgu Mureș, Târgu Secuiesc) our Waiting the Lord Advent Worship Music Festival. During the two weekends, we reached over 2000 participants.

23th of February We celebrated IKE’s 98th birthday, and in the same day, we organised IKE Gala for our volunteers. At this event, we celebrated them and thanked them for their work.

27th of February Fourth edition of Hangoló, with over 300 participants in Cluj-Napoca.

22–24th of March We started a new series of Leadership Trainings for the representatives of the 15 counties.

Plans and prospects:

In the Spring of 2019 we will organize Leadership Training for the 15 counties.

We will continue our worship night event, Hangoló in Cluj-Napoca, and we plan to expand it to another cities (ex. Târgu Mureș, Sfântu Gheorghe, Târgu Secuiesc).

On 23th and 24th October we will have a Nick Vujicic speaker event in Cluj-Napoca and Sfântu Gheorghe.

In the Autumn of 2019 we will start the preparation for our 5th Change Direction! IKE Festival which will be in August 2020.

In December we will have Waiting the Lord Advent Worship Music Festivals in 4 places.

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